Monday, October 20, 2008

Get Ready, Get Set, ....

I've gotten maybe 1/4 of the way done right now in my animation. So time wise I'm alright I think. Flash is pretty fun and easy to use.

This is a Rough of Idea of the title screen. So it's kind of crappy. But for right now I'm more worried about getting the animation done than showing off my impressive title screen creating talent.

The animation seems choppy and slow in this quicktime render...I don't know how to fix that, but just know that it doesn't move quite so awkwardly in realtime. I was thinking I might need to speed up the turn around animation of the slug (even though it's like SUPER slow in this render), but otherwise, so far so good. What do you guys think?

1 comment:

Ned Hugar said...

That spittle that moves up when the slug lifts its head is a great touch!