Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Actors

Here are my character designs. I made these characters a long time ago and so I was pretty comfortable drawing out model sheets for them. And just as a side note, the Slug character is Heather's creation from a little animation she did a LONG time ago and the whole gang of ours has kind of adopted it. I like to think of the slug as a symbol of our friendship. It's corny I know, but at the same time pathetically true. hahaha. See what Heather's up to on her Animation Blog.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here's the script. It will probably be subject to change in the near future. But this is what I'm thinking for right now.




Title screen opens to est. shot of Slug in forest clearing.


Fade/Zoom in to giant slug grazing in forest clearing.

Twig snap

C/U of slug profile. Slug jumps slightly.

Rustle of grass under Slug

Cut to frontal C/U of slug now looking over its shoulder at a little buttman in the forest in the distance...just staring at him blankly.

quiet jiggle sound

Cut to low shot from behind buttman showing subtly jiggling butt and slug in the distance looking strangely at the buttman who remains still.

Munch Thump

C/U of slug pondering the buttman for a second and the returns to grazing. Suddenly another noise.

Quickly the slug looks back at the buttman and notices that he got a little closer though he stands still.

SLUG: "hmmmmm..."

C/U of the slug being thoroughly confused.

C/U of slugs eyes moving back and forth with furrowed brow. After a moment he returns to grazing


another noise

The Slug now sees the buttman has gotten a little closer. He acts as though he's going to the go back to eating but is faking. He looks back quickly to see the buttman is gone.

The slug stares around for a second and shrugs to return to his eating.

squeaker toy squeak

He turns to eat his food, all the while keeping his eyes on the forest edge to see the buttman and so he unknowingly chops down on the buttman's giant, jiggly, butt.


The Slug rears back in disgust.

BUTTMAN: "HEhehehehe!"


The buttman runs away laughing

The slug is throughly unimpressed.

Tutorial 1

Bouncing Ball 1

Bouncing Ball 2

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Idea

Well...It goes like this. There is a giant slug*, right? (Hope I didn't lose you on the first line. haha) And it's just eating some grass, grazing. And suddenly, there's this noise from behind the slug and so when he looks over his shoulder (if slugs have shoulders) there's this little buttman* staring at him from a distance. The slug looks at him for a while and seeing that he's strangely motionless returns to eating.
Another sound is made from behind the slug, this time a little louder. The slug looks and the buttman seems to be in the same position he was, staring motionless. Only the slug wonders if he actually got a little closer. "Oh well" the slug shrugs, and returns to eating.
Another sound. Quickly the slug looks at the buttman and he IS a little closer but still at a distance.
So it goes on like this, the slug trying to eat and the buttman getting closer whilst ominus music plays in the background and it's tempo gets faster and faster as the buttman approaches.
It's really just a play on this video I watched....so something like this:

Sneaky cat coming closer while not moving HORROR!!

*see top of page for proposed characters.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some of My Best Stuff

Here are some of my best works.

This is my final from my 2D character class.

This is from my 2D production Class. Gary Goldman was the teacher and I was privileged enough to take his class.

This the rough animation of my Senior film. I'll get a better example up in a few months when I finish.

This is my response to my discovery of the "Gibson Girl".

This is a portrait that I was very proud of.

And lastly a little diddy I did but like and is a good example of my style.

Some Good Ol' Animation

Norman McLaren is a hero of mine. Discovering Norman McLaren's animation gave me an entirely different perspective on what animation is capable of doing. I love this man.

Le Merle (Blackbird)

This is another example of another hero of mine, Chuck Jones. There's such love and imagination in his work. I could only hope to have such creativity.

Feed the Kitty

Monday, September 15, 2008

In the Beginning

Hi! My name is Hannah!
My Favorite color is Orange and Blue.
My Favorite food is Ice Cream.
My Favorite animal is a Giant Slug.
My Favorite song is "Hey There, Fancy Pants" By Ween.
My Favorite movie is "V for Vendetta" (Despite the fact that I lose all cool points for it from Heather :( ...)
My Favorite TV show is "Batman the Animated Series".
My Favorite Cartoon Character is Merlin from "Sword in the Stone".
My Favorite Book is "Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkaban" (Sorry I'm illiterate)
My Favorite Video Game is "Earth Worm Jim" for Sega Genesis.
My Favorite Pass time is Hiking, Camping, and Drawing.

DON'T JUDGE ME! ....Just because I'm little slow and poorly educated. :)

I'm from Illinois (which may or may not have a correlation with me being a somewhat poorly educated hahaha) and my Major is Animation, I'm a senior, and I'm spent...