Monday, September 15, 2008

In the Beginning

Hi! My name is Hannah!
My Favorite color is Orange and Blue.
My Favorite food is Ice Cream.
My Favorite animal is a Giant Slug.
My Favorite song is "Hey There, Fancy Pants" By Ween.
My Favorite movie is "V for Vendetta" (Despite the fact that I lose all cool points for it from Heather :( ...)
My Favorite TV show is "Batman the Animated Series".
My Favorite Cartoon Character is Merlin from "Sword in the Stone".
My Favorite Book is "Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkaban" (Sorry I'm illiterate)
My Favorite Video Game is "Earth Worm Jim" for Sega Genesis.
My Favorite Pass time is Hiking, Camping, and Drawing.

DON'T JUDGE ME! ....Just because I'm little slow and poorly educated. :)

I'm from Illinois (which may or may not have a correlation with me being a somewhat poorly educated hahaha) and my Major is Animation, I'm a senior, and I'm spent...

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