Monday, September 22, 2008

The Idea

Well...It goes like this. There is a giant slug*, right? (Hope I didn't lose you on the first line. haha) And it's just eating some grass, grazing. And suddenly, there's this noise from behind the slug and so when he looks over his shoulder (if slugs have shoulders) there's this little buttman* staring at him from a distance. The slug looks at him for a while and seeing that he's strangely motionless returns to eating.
Another sound is made from behind the slug, this time a little louder. The slug looks and the buttman seems to be in the same position he was, staring motionless. Only the slug wonders if he actually got a little closer. "Oh well" the slug shrugs, and returns to eating.
Another sound. Quickly the slug looks at the buttman and he IS a little closer but still at a distance.
So it goes on like this, the slug trying to eat and the buttman getting closer whilst ominus music plays in the background and it's tempo gets faster and faster as the buttman approaches.
It's really just a play on this video I something like this:

Sneaky cat coming closer while not moving HORROR!!

*see top of page for proposed characters.

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