Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Actors

Here are my character designs. I made these characters a long time ago and so I was pretty comfortable drawing out model sheets for them. And just as a side note, the Slug character is Heather's creation from a little animation she did a LONG time ago and the whole gang of ours has kind of adopted it. I like to think of the slug as a symbol of our friendship. It's corny I know, but at the same time pathetically true. hahaha. See what Heather's up to on her Animation Blog.


Robyn Haley said...

So, first of all character design sheets are great. Your work with Angie really boosted your line skills. As for the film: butt cheek imprints, some reaction time possibly after the credits, and I think that when the second buttman shows up it should just slowly lean into frame from behind the slug (cue dramatic repause).

Heather R. Surprenant said...

Well, I still think the butt-virus should come into play...like..a facial breakout, but hey, fine..its YOUR story. And uh...keep up the good work, champ. I can't wait to see this finished.

Max said...

Butts are funny, and your story is funny by ass-ociation. Get it? ASS-ociation?